Body Map

At The Queer Parenting Partnership, we understand that people may have trauma or dysphoria around their bodies. To support clients in feeling safe with language around their bodies we recommend the use of a body map. We use them alongside our intake forms as you get the most benefit when it is used early in the relationship.

How do I use this map? (Birthworkers)

We recommend that you print out this map and ask that your client annotates it. This will then go in the front of your client’s file and will serve as a reminder of safe terminology. Your client may wish to add other notes either to this map or to your intake form that expands on any points of trauma. If your client does not expand on these points, please do not push them to do so as it may become triggering for them. Use in conjunction with our birth preferences sheet and icons.

Why might it be necessary for my client to use a body map? 

Your client may be a survivor of rape or sexual assault. They may have been raised in a household where their body was seen as a taboo. They may be transgender. They may have struggled with body image and weight issues etc.

This is a free resource from The Queer Parenting Partnership but if you would like to make a donation, you may do so here


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