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Image description: Two women facing each other. Their eyes are closed and their noses are touching. The woman on the left has long blonde hair and the woman on the right has long black hair. They are draped in fairy lights. (Image from Unsplash)

November 18, 2021/

Creating a family for us will always have to be intentional. In that there is beauty. Our child will always be deeply craved…

Image description: A pregnant person holding pink flowers. Only their bump is visible. They are wearing a purple pinstriped garment.

September 30, 2021/

As a trans person I'm not unfamiliar with my body changing. Heck, over the last 5 years I've played the hormone hokey cokey,…

Image description: Hairy postnatal abdomen of a white-skinned person, with pink baby legs curled up alongside

July 11, 2021/

The covid quarantines left me in a pickle. The dilemma is this - most of my community is online but that’s also where…

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The Queer Parenting Partnership was launched in 2020, in response to the shocking lack of birth and parenting support services for LGBTQ+ people in the UK.

Everyone is welcome at The Queer Parenting Partnership.

Our values are of equality, fairness, power, love, community, laughter and fun. We aim to build a community for queer families to learn and grow together and to celebrate our presence in the world.


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