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October 28, 2021/

The miscarriages are difficult. Truly. But what hurts us the most is when one of us is entirely ignored throughout the entire process and some fabled "husband" is given more care and attention than the non-carrying woman.

Image description: Two women facing each other. Their eyes are closed and their noses are touching. The woman on the left has long blonde hair and the woman on the right has long black hair. They are draped in fairy lights. (Image from Unsplash)

November 18, 2021/

Creating a family for us will always have to be intentional. In that there is beauty. Our child will always be deeply craved and wished for. I hope this will manifest into a being that is loved beyond all measure and always knows how wanted they are. However, the practicalities…

Giving Gifts to New and Expectant Families

December 23, 2021/

Gift giving to expecting families can be a bit daunting. There are many products that exist that do a really good job at convincing us that raising a child is impossible without it! However, the truth of the matter is that there is one time-tested gift that is commonly renowned…


March 22, 2022/

The Alphabet Mafia. Alphabet Spaghetti. The Alphabet People. The Queers. The Gays. The Homosexuals. That Lot. Who ARE these people and why can’t they make up their minds what to call themselves?

Why inclusive language matters to me

April 11, 2022/

TW: Discussion of childhood sexual abuse As a young teen, I was groomed and sexually abused. I don’t want to go into too much detail but the man who abused me would talk about my “budding breasts” as he grabbed and twisted at my barely there chest. He would graphically…

Nikolai’s Story as an intersex, transgender birthing parent

May 23, 2022/

TW: Discussion of CSA, miscarriage, “corrective surgery”, adoption I didn’t know I was born intersex until after I had my first child  My first pregnancy was when I was 14, to a 25 year old, which ended in a miscarriage. From then until I was 17, let’s just say I…

As a pregnant trans man

November 5, 2022/

I didn't intend on being a pregnant trans man. There are a lot of false narratives out there about trans folk and our fertility or lack thereof. When I started testosterone, I was told by my doctor that I would be infertile after the first dose.

Our journey to our girls

November 10, 2022/

I always knew I wanted to be a mumma I am J, living in South West England with my wife N and our 2 beautiful girls. I always knew I wanted to be a mumma, we began our fertility journey in 2015 with a visit to our local fertility clinic’s…

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